AutoCAD 3D – Solid editing Tab – Part 3 – Slice, Thicken

This is the third part in the Solid Editing series,

We will be looking at Slice and Thicken.

These two can be extremely handy when trying to manage our model,

Like cutting up a large model into smaller sections for reuse or things like 3D Printing,


Firstly we are looking at the Slice command.




When we select Slice, we are asked to define 3 points.

The first two points defines the cutting plane,

The third point defines which side of the cutting plane is kept.

Or you can use the option in the command bar, Keep Both sides,

this as you can guess by the name keeps both sides of the part, cutting the part into two.

The most challenging part of this is trying to snap to,

You may want to draw up a frame with lines around the object and then snap to those





















Next on our list is the Thicken command.




As you may be aware,

When a surface is made,

It has no depth or thickness,

This is how we can add that depth,

We can also use this command to change surfaces to solids or do some advanced modelling.


To use the command is quit straight forward,

Select the Thicken command then just select the surface you wish to thicken / add depth to.

Lastly you will be asked to enter the desired thickness.


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