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Autodesk has always been good in the render space. Take a look at Autodesk 3ds Max as well as Autodesk Maya. 3ds Max is more suited to modelling rendering, where as Maya is more suitable to animation and rendering. Both software packages have the Arnold renderer as their native render engine.

This doesn’t mean that the other Autodesk packages are not good at rendering. Look at Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and AutoCAD. All have great rendering capabilities but when rendering on your PC or workstation the process is only as quick as your hardware allows. This includes 3ds Max and Maya but they have some special functionality it uses to overcome this and quicken the render process called render farms. Render farms allows the software to distribute the workflow from the render so that instead of 1 computer rendering say 100 frames of an animation it will share those 100 frames onto say for instance 100 separate computers. If, for example, your render took 1 second per frame on sa single PC it would take 100 seconds to complete the entire animation. With the render farm, if each computer took 1` second to complete each frame it was assigned to , the animation would take 1 second to render all frames.

AutoCAD,Revit and Fusion 360 does not have the capability of utilising this render farm technology on a local network but Autodesk has given birth to a new type of render farm that is hosted in the cloud. This allows you to upload your render with the specifications you want and the camera angle and then leave it and carry on with your work as the cloud does it’s thing. It might not be as quick as your render farm, but it allows you to continue working on your PC with the project that you have been assigned. Once the render is complete, you will get an email notification that the work has been done and you can inspect and carry out more renders as you see fit.

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