Autodesk Data Standards – Inventor add-in

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What is data standard?

Data Standard is a data control feature for the Vault Client, Vault Office Client, Inventor, and AutoCAD that helps you enter data for new or existing files in a standardized format.

NB: It is only available with Vault Professional or Vault Office. It is NOT supported on Vault Basic.

To install it, you need to run the Vault Client setup and select “Install tools and utilities”. There will be 3 add-ins installed, AutoCAD, Inventor and Vault.

Using the Data Standards add-in in Inventor

Data standard allows you to ensure that each time you create a new part, certain critical fields will be populated and certain categories defined. Once you create a new document, you may start designing your part/assembly as usual. After you first save a file, the Data Standard dialog appears requesting certain data. Once you complete all of the fields, Data Standard generates the file name and location based on the data. The Save button becomes active only when all required fields are complete.

You can use this in conjunction with your Vault behavior settings to use a preferred:

  • Numbering scheme
  • Naming scheme
  • Custom property population
  • Document type (Category)

Once the document has been saved, the entered data is mapped to the file’s properties.

You will notice that only new files will require data standard entries, as Vault knows which parts are already in the Vault.