Autodesk subscription now includes up to 5 versions back


Good news for Autodesk Subscribers who have a mix of old and new versions of Autodesk software in their design offices! As of this November 2020, Autodesk subscription and maintenance customers now have five releases back up from the prior policy of 3 prior versions.

Previously, you were only allowed to download and use 3 versions prior to the latest available version. However, many customers have requested this be changed to accommodate long-term projects and older hardware limitations. The following statement was released by Autodesk:

“We’ve heard your feedback that you need more than three previous versions for long-term projects. So, starting November 2, 2020, Autodesk is expanding version access for all customers (on subscription and maintenance plans) for the latest release and up to 5 versions back. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate on the same version throughout a project.”


How do I access previous versions of my product?  

There are two ways to access your active products:

  1. You can access the latest version of your product and up to three versions back within Autodesk Account.

      2. To access up to 5 previous versions, you must use AVA (Autodesk Virtual assistant). Here is a quick link to it: Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA).

Accessing products using account

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. In the navigation panel on your left, click on all products and services.

There you will see all your products listed. Clicking the product you require will expand to show you all available versions.

3. Select the version you require by clicking view downloads.

4. Select the method of download. (I recommend Download Now, which uses the Autodesk Download Manager as it is quickest and can resume progress if interrupted)

And you’re done! Wait for your software to download and install.