Autodesk Vault – Data Standards


If you are utilising either Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, you will notice in the tools and utilities part of the installation something called Vault data standard.  What is this you might add?

Vault data standard is a tool that allows you to populate your metadata such as part number, description, stock number etc.  It gets installed on AutoCAD , Inventor and the Vault client as an add in so if you are installing it make sure that you have all 3 software packages pre-installed.

Straight out of the box, you can start populating certain criteria.  It also allows you to navigate to a specific folder as well.  No more creating new folders or if you have already created that folder in your Vault but it is not present in your Workspace, you do not have to go to your Vault Client, navigate to that folder and then choose the GET option.

You have a naming scheme that you have created?  The beauty of the Vault data standard and it being a direct plug in , it will show those as well for whatever documents you are using, be it Word, Inventor or AutoCAD.

On the right you can see the data to be populated.  You can also specify that the data must be entered. If the field is not populated then the field highlights in red and you are not able to click on the OK button to save the drawing and move on.

If you have the same folder structure for each project you are working on,it can get tedious manually creating it every single time.  Vault standard allows you (with a little bit of coding) to create those standard folders of yours straight from within the Vault data standard within the Vault client.