Fusion 360 Product Design Extension – Plastic Tools

Recently, you will notice a new tab in your design workspace in Fusion 360.

This tab is centered around the design and prototyping of plastic components. The create panel contains most of the same tools as the solid modelling workspace, but with a few additions if you have the Product Design Extenstion.

Product Design Extension

The Fusion 360 Product Design Extension is a set of advanced 3D design and modeling tools that enable an automated approach to creating complex product designs.


The have to Product Design Extension access can be purchased using cloud credits, or as a subscription to get unlimited access. Speak to an MGFX sales consultant about your options.

It includes tools such as :

  1. Intelligent Materials
  2. Plastic tools
  3. Geometric Pattern
  4. Design advice

Plastic tools

Here is a look at the main tools in the plastic tab:


When joining two plastic solid bodies together using fasteners, you will need a reinforced outer shape to hold them in place. This tool helps you create them quickly and easily, without having to plan out the sketches or workplanes.

Snap Fit

Many plastic components make use of clips and covers that snap into place, leveraging the flexibility of the material for practical purposes. Think of that snap clip you find on most backpacks. This tool helps easily create such features.


This creates a place for joining plastic components to be place on. You can create a sketch of the shape you want, and the tool will ask for a target boy for the rest feature to sit on.

Geometric Pattern

Plastic components may require repeated shapes on their surface or in the design in general. Some applications are things like vents or knurling on an outer face for grip. Drawing these by means of a user-generated sketch can be tricky, time-consuming and difficult to modify.

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