Make use of Vault Thin Client on Autodesk Vault Professional


Types of Vault Users

Often, when using product data management software like Vault Professional, we are asked the question: “Do I need a license for each user?”

The short answer is “Yes”, but it is important to understand what type of user we are talking about. There is difference between active users and passive users.

An active user is someone like an engineer or draughtsman who will interact with the Vault by checking in and checking out designs and drawings.

A passive user is someone who just needs read-only access to view the data on the Vault.

For the latter case, you may leverage Vault Thin client – which doesn’t require an active license for that user.

  • Note: Vault Thin Client is not available with Vault Basic

What is Vault Thin Client?

Vault Thin Client is a browser-based application that runs on the same server as your Vault Server installation. It gives limited, read-only access to data on the Vault to an unlimited number of users. These users can be workers on the manufacturing floor who need the latest drawings for manufacture or stock controllers who need to know what to order based on released designs from the engineering office.

These users will be able to view selected parts of the project explorer from their browser as shown in the pic above. It can be configured by the Vault administrator to allow security or lifecycle-based access to designs ensuring that no user is able to see something they shouldn’t.

Great! How do I set it up?

In order to set up Vault Thin Client, you need to install it from on the server where ADMS Console is installed:

  1. Log on to your Vault Server and run the setup you used to install Vault Server.

2. Select Install Tools & Utlilities

3. Select Vault Thin Client from the List and continue the installation.

4. It should show completed as below

And now that Vault Thin Client Server is installed, it should begin to run automatically. We can now move to the client machines to access the running service.

Accessing Vault Thin Client on Client Machines

All that is needed is a web browser and access to the same network or server on which Vault Server is running.

  1. Go to web browser and type the following: https://servername/AutodeskTC           (replace “servername” with the DNS name of your server or use the local ip address)
  2. Log in using assigned user credentials set up by the Vault Administrator
  3. Fill in the details of server and select the Vault on the form that displays.


This address can be saved as a bookmark on the clients browser and they will be able to access the data whenever they need. They will NOT be able to interact with the data, simply read and view.

Of course, they will need some software to view drawings and models. Does that mean they need licenses too? Not necessarily. When used in conjunction with Design Review, Inventor View and DWG Trueview, it allows a completely free and useful way for more people to view data without having to purchase extra licenses.