Moving Fusion 360 projects to another team


So you have a bunch of projects on your single-user storage but now want to join a team to collaborate. How can you get those projects out to a new team?

We have all at some point started a new project using Fusion 360’s cloud storage. Often, when not collaborating with company colleagues, we will start our work in the Single-User Storage bundled with Fusion 360, i.e. the default cloud location.

My single-user storage location

At some point however, we need to move those projects to a team where our team mates can work with them too.

One could add collaborators using the data tab, however, that comes with its own limitations and requires each project to be added manually.

What you want to do is go over to the Fusion 360 hub. You can get there by:

1. Manually logging in from your browser at

2. Clicking on the shortcut in the data panel of your project

Open Fusion Team
Shortcut says “open on the Web”

This will take you to your Fusion 360 Hub.

On your hub, you will see a list of teams which you belong to and you can switch between them.
Click on your user profile at the top right, and select admin to manage the roles and members in that team.
As can be seen above management of projects can be handled easily.

But there is still no option to MOVE projects from one team to another. For that, you will need to use the onboarding link from Fusion 360.

Go to the onboarding page here:

Here, you will be greeted by a wizard that will allow you to move projects from one team to another.

Select the projects you wish to move, select the destination team you wish to move them to and click next.

You should have now successfully moved your projects to a different team.

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