Remove Unused AutoCAD Text Scales


For a lot of people that start using AutoCAD,

The following can be a bit irritating…












Chances are you have probably seen this and wondered what is going on,

Is it a bug? A feature?

It is actually showing the previous annotation scales of the object,

This is normally very visible with text and dimensions.

Which can be very annoying,

There are two ways we can fix this,

Ether by deleting the older annotation scales, or by just switching off this display.


To delete the scale,

Select the annotation and Right Click,

On the menu, expand the Annotative Object Scale > Select Add/Delete Scales…

You can use the Delete Current scale as well,

though this will only clear the scale you currently have active.

















Select the excess scales on the list,

Then use the delete button,

Once you have deleted all the unwanted scales, select the OK button.











As you can see below,

All the other scales are gone and we can only see the one we want,

The only issue is that if we start changing our scales again,

The same problem will occur and we will have to repeat deleting the scales.








If this annoys you as much as it does me,

You can choose to tun off this display behavior using the


then setting it from 1 to 0

Now only the current scale is displayed,

This is also done across all annotative objects and also program wide.

So you only ever have to change this once.