Revit 2021 MEP Use Filters to Trace CAD


It is a common occurrence for Engineers to provide modelers CAD drawings to trace. However, typically pipe systems are designated a solid color by virtue of them having a material assigned. So you may think that it would be a trivial matter to set the view discipline to mechanical and then to use a wireframe view, but in a complicated model this is often not as clear as one would think. In addition, between revisions of the CAD inputs, it is nice to see a colored overview of the cad lines with the pipes. It is then easy to pick up the differences between the revisions. BIM 360 Docs is also a great way to compare CAD revisions (it is easy to pick up differences).

In our case we are using a filter to override the pipe display and we switch off the pipe centreline, so it does not obscure the CAD link.

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