Activating Autodesk Software – Subscription

Over the years Autodesk has utilised different methods of activating their single user license software. In previous years you would use a serial number with a product key. With the new Subscription model the serial number has fallen away and you login with your Autodesk account which you can create here.

Once you have created your Autodesk Account you will need to be assigned a license from the pool of licenses that have been bought by the company.

When opening your software for the first time you will be presented with the following dialog box.

To activate your software select – Sign in with your Autodesk ID. If you select the Enter with Serial Number or Use a Network License the software will not activate.

Once you select sign in, you will sign in with your username (normally email address) and password.

Once you sign in, select Go to product and your Autodesk software will open.

To check if your software is activated you can select the drop down arrow next to the help question mark and select about product. Select Manage License and you should be able to see an expiry date.

If you have issues after going through this process it is most likely that you have been signed out of the software. To check if that has occured you can open the Autodesk Access software from the Windows Start menu and make sure you are signed in.

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