Authoring for Tube and Pipe Environment


Inventor Tube and Pipe module is great but will probably not have the correct pipe or fitting that you need for your purpose. That is not something to fear as you are able to create your own parts and author and publish to your read/write content centre library.

If you want to have a pipe and fittings with various sizes you will need to create iparts. This will ensure that you will be able to create a route 4in, 5in or 20in, as long as you have specified it in your ipart pipe and fittings.

The secret to iparts and configuring them is to have parameters that are easily identifiable and that is no different to when you create the part to author to the content centre. In fact Inventor insists that you have the following parameters set to be able to control the part for your custom created style.

To author the parts you can navigate to the manage tab and under the author panel select author to tube and pipe.

Once this is done there are a few options that will effect the quality of your authored fitting or pipe if it is not mapped correctly. First select the type that you will be authoring, eg pipe, tee, elbow etc. Then you will select ow many connections you will have. A tee will have 3 connections and a pipe or bend will have 2. Once that has been selected you will select the end treatment for each connection. This should match up for both the pipe and fitting that you will be selecting for your style.

Once this is done there are 5 mappings that are non negotiable for the creation of the pipe. These are parameters that you created in your ipart that have to be mapped to the following. Nominal size, Schedule number, Inside diameter, outside diameter and pipe length. If you do not have these filled in yo will not be able to author and publish your part.

If you do not populate the Isogen Type and Skey you will not get any isometric graphic if exporting the PCF out to a sofwtare package that creates isogens like AutoCAD Plant 3D.

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