AutoCAD 2024 Enhancements – Blocks and Activity Insights


Many moons ago there was general consensus in the AutoCAD community that AutoCAD was a done deal. It had reached it’s peak and there was no possible way that Autodesk could pack anymore features into an already feature laden piece of software. This was about 10 years ago and since then AutoCAD has improved in leaps and bounds with feature after feature being included in every release since then.

AutoCAD 2024 has once again come with a few tricks up it’s sleeve, using the addition of a sort of AI in it’s design process. When placing Blocks you have a new Block Placement assistant. The traces tool uses a machine learning process to gather possible information with block placement and looks for proximity geometry to try and see where and how the block should be placed.

A further enhancement with AutoCAD is Activity Insights. This is particularly exciting for anyone who needs to manage a team of designers and their activities. Activity Insights will track events that occur within the drawing. It will track events such as editing, purging or plotting a drawing to PDF as well as events that occur outside the AutoCAD environment eg. if you rename the file in Windows File Explorer.

These improvements in AutoCAD assist in day to day management and workflow. Autodesk once gain proving that you can teach and old dog new tricks.

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