AutoCAD 3D – Creating Working Drawings


Working in 3D in AutoCAD can be fun but at the end of the day we still need to produce working drawings. AutoCAD has many different ways to do that which we will discuss in this article.

One of the more familiar ways for a long time AutoCAD user to create the working drawings would be to use Viewports. You can create it using rectangular, polygonal or From Object. It will result in you being able to see the model in model space and zoom and place it accordingly.

Another way to create viewports would be to use the viewport dialog box.With this you are able to preset what the view and what the visual style will be. This makes for quick and easy creation of multiple Viewports with minimum fuss.

One of my favourite ways to create views is the new(ish) create view from model. This is set to default to either Inventor or whatever 3D model you have in your model space.

Once you place your base view, you will then be allowed to place the corresponding projected views. You can also create section and detail views. If you have used Inventor or Autodesk Fusion this is the same functionality you will find there. Autodesk has democratized the technology across the different platforms with Autodesk Fusion detailing and AutoCAD detailing for 3D being almost exactly the same.

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