AutoCAD Data Extraction vs AutoCAD Count


One of the benefits of having a Full AutoCAD vs AutoCAD LT is the ability to extract data. This data extraction has the ability to extract the properties that reside in the AutoCAD object, be it the length of a polyline, the radius of a circle or a field that has been populated in a Block.

As you can see in the above image a wizard will pop up after activating the data extract command which takes you through 8 pages of setup to get out the information in the correct format. If you have gone through this process before and you are trying to get a count of the number of blocks that you have inserted into your AutoCAD drawing you will know that this is not the easiest of tasks and you might have to have to go through a bit of trial and error before getting the exact format for the information that you are looking for.

AutoCAD 2022 introduced new functionality for counting the amount of Blocks that you have sitting in your AutoCAD drawing. It is called Count. Count allows you to quickly get a sense of how many Blocks you have in a drawing as well as being able to quickly navigate to each Block in that drawing. It also allows you to quickly ascertain what properties reside in that block like layer and scale as well as any unique identifiers that might be a part of the Block if it has been turned into a dynamic Block.

With the Count command you can quickly bypass many of the steps that you would need to do when using Data Extraction which makes this tool a must have if you were reliant on the Data Extraction command for counting your Blocks.

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