AutoCAD Mechanical – Motors


Are you still working in a 2D CAD environment and have the need for blocks of motors? If you are currently subscribed to the AutoCAD with Toolsets software then look no further than AutoCAD Mechanical. This software is highly under utilised in my opinion and has some fantastic tricks up it’s sleeves when it comes to enhancing the drawing experience as well as content creation.

To access the mechanical content in AutoCAD Mechanical you can navigate to the content tab where you will find content like fasteners, shafts, steel shapes and motors.

In the below image you can see the motor content that is available within the software. On the left side of the dialog box you are able to search for motor content and when you do find it you can preview the content and details on the right hand side of the dialog box.

Once you have selected which motor you would like to insert you are given the option of which view you would like to use. Select in your drawing where you would like to place the motor as well as the angle it will sit at.

Once the block has been inserted the final step is to choose the size of the motor and you are done.

Autodesk Mechanical is just another great tool in the Autodesk stable that if you are not using should get to testing to see if it can make your CAD workflows easier and more streamlined.

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