AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset

Mechanical Desktop was Autodesk’s flagship 3D mechanical package many years ago which was loved by those that utilised this software. When Inventor was introduced Mechanical Desktop was gradually phased out and replaced with AutoCAD Mechanical, a 2D AutoCAD package.

This gem which many people do not realise they have has a plethora of additions which greatly enhance the 2D drawing experience and creates quicker geometry with addiitonal functionality which is not found in vanilla AutoCAD.

Some of these functions are right on the home screen and easy to use without any additional training as it is still based on AutoCAD and with the command line it will tell you the exact steps to take to complete the function.

An example of extra functionality on a feature. AutoCAD has 1 way to create a rectangle and in that there are sub commands to control the length, the width and the angle. You can also have fillets or chamfers put on the corners whilst the rectangle is being created.

As you can see in the below image in AutoCAD Mechanical you have 13 different ways to create a rectangle and to throw some sugar on top of that you also have 7 different ways of creating a square.

If you are still drawing in 2D in AutoCAD and have access to the toolsets why not give AutoCAD Mechanical a try. It runs on the same native dwg that you are familiar with so you will not have any issues with sharing the data with your colleagues and clients.

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