AutoCAD Plant 3D and Navisworks


AutoCAD Plant 3D is a great tool to have for creating P&ID’s as well as 3D piping drawings. With the 3D piping drawings you can also create steel structures and equipment to fully realise what is going on with your design. When wanting to share that design with different shareholders, you are able to create a model in Navisworks, which is available either in the Product Design Collections or as a standalone software package.

Once the Navisworks model has been created you might notice that the graphics do not look correct. Pipes don’t look round, tanks are missing or parts of equipment are not showing. This would probably be because the Object Enabler has not been installed. These object enablers allow you to see custom objects that have been created in the different Autodesk software.

Where do we get these Object enablers? Logging into your Autodesk account and navigating to the product you will see under updates a link to the AutoCAD Plant 3D Object Enablers. Now when you open the AutoCAD Plant 3D model in Navisworks you will see that it still does not look completely correct. This is because there is one more piece of software to install. Navisworks NWC Export Utility.

Another option which is also helpful if your model still does not look very “smooth” is to up the faces that are displayed. This is found under Options, file readers, DWG/DXF. Take the Faceting Factor up to about 10 and you should see the models being more “smooth”

AutoCAD plan 3D, Navisworks

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