AutoCAD Plant 3D – Off Page Connectors


AutoCAD Plant 3D is able to create process and instrumentation (P&ID) diagrams which are an integral part of the planning when it comes to plant and piping design. With it’s familiarity being an AutoCAD based product users are able to get up and running very quickly as there is not much “drawing” involved. It is more a case of drag and drop when it comes to inserting your equipment and instrumentation symbols.

With this in mind what do you do when the page gets a bit stuffy and convoluted ? How do you communicate that a design needs to extend over the page you are working on and traverse to the next drawing document? Off-Page connectors (OPC). It is a symbol with special properties that will connect your pipe lines from one drawing to another. (a to – from scenario) When creating the OPC you will drag the symbol onto a pipe line that you have drawn and then assign a Tag to it. This tag will contain the size of the pipe, the spec and service of the line as well as the all important pipe line number.

With this in it’s arsenal you are ready to connect to an OPC that resides on another page and make sure that the information for your “from” pipe line is the same as the corresponding “to” line and thus maintaining the integrity of the information flow from one page to the other.

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