AutoCAD Plant – Create new P&ID Symbol


If you are working in AutoCAD Plant and you want to create a P&ID symbol that will be re-used and not just be a one off creation you need to create the symbol firstly in the projsymbolstyle.dwg of the project that you are currently working on then integrate it with your Project settings so that you are able to use it again without too much difficulty.

To do this create your geometry in the projsymbolstyle.dwg and then create a block using the normal create block feature with the AutoCAD commands. Once this is done save your drawing and return to the project files. Right click on the project name and select Project Setup.

Navigate to the class definition that you will be adding new symbol to for example pumps. Right click on the pump and select new.

This will bring up a dialog box where you will create the name for your new item. Once you have entered the name and clicked on ok you can select the Add Symbols button as shown in the image below.

Select the browse button to select the projsymbolstyle.dwg from the project you are working on and select the block you have just created. Add the block from the left column to the right column.

Once this is done the properties dialog box will pop up and you will create a symbol name. Change the properties of the style or insertion of the block for creation.

Once this is done and you click on Finish, you have the option to insert the block into your tool palette for easier access.

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