AutoCAD Plant – Layers


AutoCAD Plant 3D is based on AutoCAD and with this uses layers to manage the objects created. These layers will manage the colour, linetype and line weight of the objects for easier identification when interrogating a drawing.

There are 2 components to AutoCAD Plant, the 2D which can be divided into your P&ID drawings, orthographic drawings as well as the isometric drawing as well as the 3D portion which is divided into creating steel structures, equipment as well as piping. With the 2D drawings you will have predefined layers in the templates and in the 3D drawings you will generate layers automatically using an automated scheme.

In the 2D drawings you will closely associate the layers with the output of the drawings whether they be for PDF or hard copy. Generally you will create the different classes (valves, tanks, pipes etc) onto different layers with different colours so that when you want to filter out a class for quantification you will be able to easily identify it and make it visible or not or change the colour if you see that it is not easily identifiable.

In your 3D model you would want to have every piece of equipment on a different layer. For example your structural components (stairs,supports,handrails etc) or you could have the equipment that is assembled together to be on a separate layer. You can be quite flexible in this as many companies have different ways of working.

For piping we can set the name of the layer to reflect the pipeline that the pipe is on as well as have the colour of the pipe either reflecting the size of the pipe or the service of the pipe.

With this in mind AutoCAD can be highly flexible yet also standardised to suit your companies needs when it comes to AutoCAD layers and how they are created.

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