AutoCAD Sun studies


AutoCAD was not the friendliest software when it came to designing in 3D. That has changed over the last few years where creating a conceptual model in AutoCAD is as easy as 1,2,3. It also has render engine as part and parcel and although it is not as advanced as 3DS Max, it holds it’s own when showing a client a good concept of what their design will look like.

The heading of the article states that AutoCAD has a sun study and you may ask how and when and then how again. When accessing the visualise tab you will notice a sun and location panel command net to the lights panel. So what cam we do with this.

Firstly when activating the Sun Status command you will be presented with the below message. Depending on your expertise with lighting you can choose which path to take.

On the Lights panel, set that the objects are casting ground shadows. Expand the Sun and Location panel and select set location and choose maps. This will take you trhough a wizard which you will choose your location in the world and overlay a geographic map onto your AutoCAD canvas.

Once you have inserted the map, select the date and time slider and move it. You will be able to see the shadow moving around the objects.

If this does not work check that the default lighting has been switched off.

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