Autodesk Access


Last week you will have done an upgrade to your Autodesk Desktop App and when opening it again, would have seen it looked different. New user interface, new experience! The Autodesk Desktop App has now been replaced with Autodesk Access.

With Autodesk Access they have simplified the interface with 2 tabs at the top Updates and Products and Services. With the updates you will see what is available and you should install as soon as you get the notification, except for Autodesk Vault updates. Those need to be installed when you upgrade your Vault server and only then as they need to be in sync with the same update otherwise things might go awry with your data.

With the Products and services tab you will notice that there are no products listed at this time. This might change but you will be able to click on a link on that tab and navigate to your Autodesk account through your Internet browser. You will notice that when you are signed in with your Autodesk access app on your PC it will also sign you into your Autodesk account in your browser making it a much easier instead of having to log in twice, once on your PC and once in your web browser.

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