Autodesk Account Usage Reports


Autodesk licenses are purchased through a subscription service. The subscription fee is different depending on which software package you have purchased. For example the Collections subscription, which is normally purchased because the designer needs both AutoCAD and Inventor/Revit costs more than if you were buying a subscription for a single license of AutoCAD, Revit or Inventor. You would also possibly have purchased the Collection license because the designer has insisted that they need both packages, but do they and how can you monitor that usage? simple Autodesk Usage reports in the Autodesk Account.

Autodesk has introduced the Usage report in the main Autodesk administrators account for exactly that purpose. You can monitor and see if the software is being utilised and then query that usage with actual report data.

To access the Reports you can navigate to Reporting in the bottom left panel of your Autodesk account.

As you can see in the report below you are able to ascertain how many seats of software you have, how many active users you have out of the amount of seats that have been assigned in the time period you are running the report. The monthly average in usage is how many days per month the sofwtare is being used and the users value is how many users have been assigned or previously assigned in the time period you are running your report. These reports can be over 3,6 or 12 month periods.

Delving even deeper you can pull a report on when last a software license was used and by whom, which makes it easy to see if you are over (or under) investing in your software.

With this in your arsenal as a CAD Manager I find that Autodesk are making our lives a little easier and more efficient with the reporting that they have introduced.

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