Autodesk Inventor iProperties


Autodesk Inventor parts, assemblies and drawings all have iProperties (metadata) attached to it which can be used in different circumstances according to your needs and the needs of your colleagues.

When working with CAD models the 3D design is great but the information that can be stored inside that CAD model and shipped around to various owners can be even more important. If you think about it, in most instances it is only the CAD operators and immediate design team that will interact with the CAD model. Once it starts going down the chain of command you will find that less and less people need to see the 3D model but will find things like the stock number, part number and description more important because that is what they work with on a daily basis to go about with what they are supposed to do.

iProperties are found by right clicking on the name of the part or assembly in the browser.

Once in you have your stock standard iProperties in which to populate. These will then be able to be extracted in your 2D idw or dwg in the parts list as well as being linked to certain fields in your title block.

Alternatively you can access this information in your your Bill of Maerials straight from your Inventor Assembly.

If the information that you want to convey downstream does not fit any of the iProperties values that you have in Inventor, you can create them as a custom iProperty and fill in the values when you see fit.

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