Autodesk Sign in Issues


Recently I have been getting quite a few queries on not being able to log into Autodesk software. This can be due to a few issues which I will be documenting in this blog.

The first issue I normally pick up is that the software is not assigned to the user. This can be done from the main Autodesk account which controls who gets assigned which software. With the assigning of software please note that the email address must also be correct. Many times I see that when the software was assigned there is a slight spelling error in the email address and that can be a problem.

The second issue I see is that the wrong software has been downloaded. For example you have bought an AutoCAD LT but downloaded and installed the full AutoCAD. So be wary of the software that you have downloaded and installed vs the software that has been purchased.

The third issue I have come across is the Autodesk Desktop App has not been updated. This is important as Autodesk releases security updates as well as version updates, which is very important in this cyber world that we live in. If you have not updated or installed the Autodesk Desktop App you will notice that the Autodesk Desktop App colour is still in green/blue colours of Autodesk. The updated app is now black in colour.

These are the most common issues I have experienced and if these suggestions do not fix your issue then the problem might be directly with Autodesk. In this situation, I would recommend logging a case with Autodesk and they will gladly assist to get you up and running.

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