Autodesk Tutorials & Help – Part 1

Trying to find useful tutorials on software can sometimes be challenging when learning any new software. Hence why we have Autodesk tutorials.

You could buy a text book but sometimes that will give you a head ache before even finishing the first page. Autodesk has setup a few places where you can find content for their software, whether it be straight from the help files or another area of the vast playground we call the Internet.

A few years ago Autodesk took the decision to have all their help files be accessible online. For those designers that did not have access to the internet, you would be able to download the files to a local local device and run it from there.

Advantages of having the local copy is that you did not have to have an internet connection. The disadvantage is that when a new version or update is released your help files do not have that additional help information or if a feature was modified you would not have that modified content.

Autodesk tutorials

As you can see in the above image there are a quite a few updates that we get for Inventor. This would not become available in the offline version unless you re-downloaded the help files. One of my concerns for this is that someone from Autodesk also remembered to upload the new help files,

For tutorials, yo could go to the Youtube channels. there is plenty of content and the bonus of having a video is that you can see what is going on and where to click. I find sometimes when reading a tutorial that I cannot find what the tutorial is referring to and get a bit lost.

Another option is to utilise the guided tutorials. Inventor has these and also the ability to add your own tutorials. This is great if you have a team that can benefit internally from your own findings and expertise.

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