Autodesk Tutorials & Help – Part 2


Continuing from Autodesk Tutorials & Help – Part 1, we explore more options to find helpful content that will assist with learning Autodesk software.

If you are a student the Education website is full of useful information and self paced studies. From this website you have the option to filter out the discipline you are currently studying as well as the software that you are using. They are very upfront with how long this will take as well as giving some handy data sets.

Way back in the earlier days of Autodesk we used to have hand ons sessions as well as a getting started pdf. This was really awesome as you would get an overall view of the package as well as get some very useful tips and tricks scattered in the experience. unfortunately this is not available anymore but the closest I can find is the tutorials under the Learn tab on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

If you are a 3DS Max or Maya user great site to start learning more advanced techniques is the AREA website. This features an array of tutorials from beginner to advanced.

Lastly, the Autodesk University website is a great place for learning about workflows specifically for your industry. These video/webinars are uploaded from none other than AU (Autodesk University) where industry leaders come together and discuss what hey have done to improve their lives and how it will improve yours.

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