Autodesk Vault 2024 – What’s New


Autodesk Vault 2024 has been released and with it a plethora of new features have been released with it. These features really add to the data management experience and as we know in some of the data management packages the workflow to get anything done can be very tedious.

A new Copy Folder has been added to Autodesk Vault 2024. With this new feature you will be able to set it up with a predefined folder structure. If you have set up sub folders, folder permissions as well as properties in your predefined folder structure, it will all get copied through to the copied folder. Autodesk Vault will give you the option to either copy all subfolders, folder permission and properties or you can choose which one you would like with the checking of a tick box as per the below image.

Autodesk vault 2024

The next feature I would like to highlight is the addition of automating the creation of DXF and STEP files. Similar to the creation of automatic PDF’s Autodesk Vault is now able to create DXF and STEP files either through being triggered by a lifecycle state change or manually created via the toolbar and context menu. These files can then either be stored inside the Vault or externally in a designated shared folder which will mimic the Vault folder structure.

Auotdesk vault 2024

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