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When you start off a project with Autodesk Vault you can control the documents (parts, assemblies and drawing files) using the lifecycles and categories available inside the software. Once you have gone past the work in progress phase and released the files what can you do to track changes that you need to make because the component that was manufactured might have a slight defect or weakness that you need to rectify?

You can create a change order within the software. Normally these change orders would be started on a physical piece of paper, and run through the different departments until the completion of the modification. With the change order residing inside Vault there will not be any loss of the paper as it floats around the office and with it being digital and created by clicking on the part that needs to be modified, any and all change orders will be available at the click of a button. You will be able to see the history of the part and why it has been modified.

The configuration of the change order is not as flexible as change orders in Fusion Manage but it should be able to cater for most of the workflows you could think of.

Within these change orders you are able to setup the workflow to have different people checking the progress of the files as well as the relevant draughtsmen to be able to access the files and modify them as per the change order instructions.

There are 2 types of change orders. The check one (featured below) or the normal one which will not have the check option available.

With this in mind if you have not started using change orders, why not start now.

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