Autodesk Vault Professional vs Autodesk Basic


Autodesk has chiseled down their Autodesk Vault data management offering to 2 options. Autodesk Vault basic and Autodesk Vault Professional. These two tools that are offered will give you either a very basic but good start to your Vault journey and the other will give you some comprehensive tools that will assist with running your data through your company with access to both your CAD designers as well as any upstream or downstream users.

With Vault basic you have the the ability to manage the links between the CAD parts, drawings and assemblies much more effectively than Windows file explorer. Another useful tool is the copy design tool. This allows you to copy parts and rename them, also including the drawing files that have been created with the old parts. Creating and linking iProperties to custom properties that have been created inside the Vault is also available and very handy when you need to have custom information displayed in either the Vault or in the CAD system.

Autodesk Vault Professional ramps up the offerings with the ability to control your data through lifecycles for eg. Work in Progress, For Review and Released to Manufacture. These allow you to quickly gauge where the design is in the workflow and how long it might take to get out to market. Couple this with access for any user through the Vault thin client where you have read only access without the need of a license and you have a definite game changer working in your design office.

There are more components like being able to run reports and Bill of Materials and the ability to linkn those BOMs to your ERP system you can see where Autodesk Vault really is able to up your game in the design office.

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