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Downloading Autodesk software can be easy and it can be challenging. Since introducing the Autodesk account and single user login’s to activate Autodesk software, trying to get to your Autodesk download can be a bit of a challenge. For instance if you have not been assigned the software from the main Autodesk account user then you will not have the ability to download the software from your own account that you have created or had created for you through the issuing of the software.

In comes AVA, which stands for Autodesk Virtual Agent.

Previously when using this software you did not need to sign in but they have tweaked it a bit and now you do. So make sure you know your password to your Autodesk account (which can be signed in with your email address). Once you have signed in you can use the Quick Links button located at the top of the page.

If you forgot your password it is easily reset from the sign in process.

Once you have signed in and selected the Download Software link the assistant will guide you through a few question (depicted on the left of the below graphic) and then choose through multiple choice option (what I choose is depicted on the right of the below graphic).

In the above scenario I am downloading AutoCAD 2023. Note that there are 2 parts that need to be downloaded. If only one is downloaded then the software will not install and give an error as all the files needed for the install are not available.

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