Inventor 2023.2 has arrived

Autodesk has done it again by releasing an array of new features with the new 2023.2 update. This is great news as we can see how the model of subscribing to the software assists in getting more during the year unlike the big release once every 12 months when we were on a maintenance plan. With the maintenance plan, you would have a very large initial payment upfront for the software and pay a smaller maintenance fee but the rewards of new features would only be realised once a year.

Looking at what is new there are many features and enhancements that have been snagged from the Inventor Ideas previously the Inventor Ideastation. If you have not heard of this, Autodesk runs various software ideas which you, the user, will put up an idea to either enhance current features and workflows or introduce entire new features that would benefit yourself and others. When enough people like or kudos it (thumbs up) it will move from an idea to in consideration and then finally into accepted! This is fantastic as you get what you wish for and not what some executive has dreamed up.

Currently there are many Inventor ideas pushed into this update (2023.2) ranging from sketch, part and assembly modelling features and workflow enhancements.

If you have made the leap to 2023 already, what are you waiting for, donwload and install. If you have not made the leap to 2023 yet, peruse the whats new document. There are some great enhancements and features that have been introduced and you can use this as an excuse to finally upgrade.

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