Inventor 2023.2 – Purge unused sketch and workplanes


When working in Inventor, or any CAD software for that matter there are many different routes you can take to get to a result. Although the results will look the same the how you came to that result could effect the stability of the model that you have created. For instance if your sketch is not fully defined, you will most definitely have a model that will blow up when you try to make changes.

Another tip for a good robust model is to model around the origin planes so that if there is any symmetry it is easy to select the origin planes and because they cannot be deleted and will always be there, they will keep your model nice and stable vs using a user defined work plane or face of an object where if it is deleted, the features that you have mirrored or patterned will most likely crumble and you will have to spend some time recreating the the part of your model that has fallen apart.

One idea that has crept through in Inventor 2023.2 that I have always seen with new users of Inventor is the ability to purge unused sketches and work planes. On numerous occasions a user would create a work plane or sketch, press escape or go back and then forget that they have already created a sketch/work plane and then instead of modifying it and creating their 2D geometry they would then create a new sketch. This is a common mistake for new users but it can easily be rectified with the new purge command.

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