Inventor Assemblies and Part body visibility


I have been working on a project recently where I had to model up the existing structure from an 2D AutoCAD DWG. The structure had various levels where my structures would be placed. Now modelling it in Inventor was pretty easy but when I wanted to modify the visiblity to see each structure on its own level I realised I had started my process in an incorrect way for me to achieve the visibilty states that I wanted.

In the above image, if I pull this part into an assembly I will only be able to turn the visibility off of all the levels and not one by one. So what did I do to accomplish my goal?

In the part file I created each level as a separate body and renamed them for easier identification. In the below image you will notice I created 5 extrusions with each one being its own solid body.

Now there are 2 different workflows we can utilise to get it into the assembly and change the visibilty. The first is to make components. This will break up the part into each body and create an independant part for each level/body that I have created. This is great BUT you now have 6 part files and managing them can/may get a bit complicated. As the component was pretty simple and I did not need to have separate parts, I chose to keep it as a part and just manipulate the body visibility in the assembly as needed.

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