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I recently worked on a large project where I had to create the existing structure from an AutoCAD drawing that the client had provided. This existing structure was crucial as there was a tight deadline and not much wiggle room for error when the product was delivered onsite.

The AutoCAD drawing in question was a full on 2D architectural plan with hatches and dimension and elevations. I was first going to clean up the drawing and then import it into Inventor but this was very slow and tedious and even though I was running a beast of a machine my patience was running out very quickly. I then remembered that Inventor has the ability to AnyCAD AutoCAD drawings in and essentially half the speed it takes to get your drawing in and up and running.

To start the process, open a part file and navigate to the Manage tab. On the insert tab you will find the import button. Select that and navigate to the DWG in question and voila you have now inserted your DWG quickly and efficiently.

While inserting the drawing, you will be asked to specify which work plane you would like to have the DWG underlay on as well as where the insertion/base point is. This is very handy as in the traditional way of importing a DWG you would insert it into a sketch which you wold have to specify beforehand and then it is your guess is as good as mine to how that base point gets selected.

This way of inserting DWG geometry also allows you to modify the original DWG by adding or deleting geometry in the AutoCAD software which will in turn update the Inventor part that it has been inserted in.

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