Inventor Import – DWG File Underlays


When importing a 2D DWG from AutoCAD you would like to utilise the data to create your 3D models but you would also like to have the link be associative because controlling the position of your parts is much easier and more efficient in AutoCAD. How do we do this? It is not the normal Open AutoCAD as that gives the result of a broken link to your original AutoCAD file.


DWG File Underlay will achieve maintaining the link and can be found either in the part file or the assembly file by using the import option.


Once the DWG has been imported you will find that you will not be able to select any of the profiles to extrude or revolve etc. For this type of import you need to create a new sketch and then use the project DWG geometry option which is found in the drop down of your normal Project Geometry button.


Once you select the imported geometry you will then have the ability to add 3D features to the profiles. As the geometry that you imported is now associative to your AutoCAD DWG, any changes that you make to the orginal (like moving the profile around) will effect the Inventor features or parts that you have created off the DWG.

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