Inventor – Sharing Designs with non CAD users


When working in the CAD world you will find that at some point you will need to share your design with someone who doe snot use the software that you are utilising. They will not buy the software to view it because why would you pay money for something when all you want to do is view the model and not make any modifications.

Autodesk Inventor has a few ways to share your design for viewing,whether it be the native format (ipt,iam) or a different format that is universal like PDF.

If you do not want to convert any native Inventor files then the easiest method is to have the non CAD user download and install Inventor View or the full Inventor and run it in Read-Only Mode.


As you can see in the above image, Inventor Read Only mode looks exactly the same as Inventor professional but it just has all the modification commands stripped out of it.

The second way is to export the model to PDF. This allows the the non CAD user to not have to install any software and open up the PDF in their Adobe software or in their Internet browser. Please note that if you have very large assemblies the export to 3D export will probably fail.

If you prefer the PDF of CAD file format that Autodesk created you can aslo export the files to DWF or DWFx. These visualization files are able to be viewed in Design Review which is also a free viewer download that Autodesk has to offer.

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