Inventor – Tube and pipe styles


Inventor Tube and Pipe module is great for automatically populating a 3D route or sketch you have created. This module allows the insertion of pipes and bends (elbows) to be automatically placed using your 3D sketch/route as the centreline. Once this is done you are able to insert other fittings like tees and valves which once inserted will automatically cut the pipe that you are placing the fitting on.

Inventor Tube and Pipe styles is separated into 3 categories. Rigid pipe with fittings, Tubing with Bends and Flexible hose. There are a few styles pre-configured straight out the box. If the style does nothae the correct soze pipe with fittings you can always make a copy and set the new style to a size of your own (provided the content centre has that size) or you can create a new style and choose pipes and fittings for your design from the Content Centre.

When creating a new style Inventor will prompt for what it needs to successfully create that piping route when you are designing.

If you are creating a style that is neither butt welded, flanged or self draining then all you need is a pipe and 90 deg elbow from the library. This is compulsory and even though you can see the option to add a coupling and a 45 deg elbow, these are optional.

A butt welded style requires a pipe and 0- deg elbow. The 45 deg elbow is optional and as you can see in the above image there is no option for a coupling.

If you have a butt welded and self draining pipe style then the pipe, 90 deg elbow and a custom elbow is compulsory. The 45 deg elbow is optional.

If you select the flanged option as well, Inventor will require that you select a flange with an additional gasket being optional for this style.

On the Rules tab, you will need a minimum and maximum length for your pipes as well as gap if you have flanges. If you have deselected the flange option you will notice that you will have to fill in an increment value for your pipe to grow from the minimum to the maximum.

Whilst having the flange option selected you also have the option to have the coupling be flanged as well.

Inventor tube and pipe really is a great way to automatically create any tubing and piping that you need so if you have to do piping give it try, You will be pleasantly surprised.

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