Large Autodesk Vault Upgrade and backup


Recently myself and a colleague were working on a few Autodesk Vault site that were 3TB and larger in size. Now when working with that much data, one needs to be aware of any pitfalls that might occur (read data loss) as well as prepare for any eventualities that might occur. Also you need to be aware of how much time you need to factor in as with a filestore and database hitting those sizes will take a while to verify and backup.

The Autodesk Vault site that I was working on had to be upgraded from 2022 to 2023 and with the current electrical availability issues we have in South Africa, trying to work around when the generator was running or not was a bit of an issue.

Back to the upgrade. The biggest issue I had was time with the prepping to eventually do the upgrade. It took me a total of 4 weeks to do the backup. For the first attempt I ran the backup from the Vault and it did the verification which took 3 days. As I started the backup it failed as the drive we were trying to copy the backup to was on the network and was not configured to allow the Vault to write to it. The second attempt we ran out of time before the power went off for the weekend so we had to give up on that idea. The third week we attempted to run the backup manually through the command prompt because with the verification taking place we were running out of time in trying to get the backup done within the week. This failed as well because the power went off before it finished.

Week 4 and with a new generator in we attempted to get this backup sorted and because the factory was running over the weekend we were able to complete the backup 15 minutes before the hour of 8 in the morning when we had scheduled the upgrade to run. Very very lucky. The upgrade took less than 2 hours to do and after the issues with actually backing up the data, we were happy that the upgrade went so smoothly.

The moral of the story make sure you plan your time when doing backups for Autodesk Vault with large filestores and databases.

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