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Areas are system families for which no type properties are available for edit.

Area types are instance properties of areas. They contain measurement rules that are applied to area boundaries. The calculation rules were developed for the American market and they should be carefully considered to see if they would be applicable to one’s own local authority. The calculation rules are readily accessible in Revit Help. Note they depend on what kind of boundary exists between one are and the next. One cannot set up one’s own calculation rules. One is, however, able to sketch one’s own boundary for the areas and so graphically override the calculation rules.

Area schemes (default and user defined) use area types from the default area schemes (gross building or rentable). User defined area schemes necessarily use area types from the rentable area scheme.

<Architecture><Room & Area><Area & Volume Computations>


<Area & Volume Computations><Area Schemes><New>



Listed below are the area types available (grouped by scheme?)

Area Types (Gross Building Area Scheme)

Gross Building Area

Exterior Area


Area Types (Rentable Area Scheme)

Building Common Area

Office Area

Exterior Area

Floor Area

Major Vertical Penetration

Store Area


Color schemes can now be applied to the area scheme. Area, Area Type, Name, Number and Perimeter are all properties that colors may be attached to. If the property is numeric, then it may be done by value or range.  It may also be that one chooses to select elements in links. This is useful in a collaborative environment.


Now by normally creating area plans, the color schemes may be used to good effect for communication.

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