AutoCAD Advanced border information


Awhile ago I wrote a blog on how to add information to Autodesk borders using the drawing properties,

Vanilla AutoCAD also has the ability to do the same and can be very useful if you are storing information in a database,

This can make it far faster and easier to find drawings via searching by Author, Title, Keywords or even your own custom fields.

You can also use and reuse the data for your border information,

This reduces input and cuts down on errors.

To do this you just need to go to your drawing borders block and insert a Field

Below the DRAWN has nothing,

We can add data with Attribute Definition.

The Attribute Definition menu opens.

We can fill in the Tag name,

Then select Field to pull the data we will insert later.

The Field menu opens,

In the Field Category,

For this field I will select Document.

Then under Field names, Select Author and leaving the rest as default.

Select the OK button.

Back in the Attribute Definition menu,

Note the Default value now has the Field, it is blank as there is no data to pull from.

You can change the text to match your style.

Select the OK Button.

Note the Tag name is displayed,

Select Close Block Editor to return.

Save the change when prompted.

Note the Field in the block.

Select the Application Icon,

Then go to Drawing Utilities and select Drawing Properties.

The Drawing Properties open,

On the Summary tab,

Fill in the Fields.

Select the OK button.

The Field is still blank,

It needs to update; we normally do this by Saving or using the REGEN command (RE).

The Fields have update as per the information we inserted.