AutoCAD Plant3D PnID Drawing Color Tweaks


When you first start with AutoCAD Plant PnID,

You will notice that you are, by default, sent straight to the Layout Tab.

This is normally where we work but it can be a bit harsh on our eyes due to the white background,

So, we normally either change the sheet colour, or switch to our Model space.

This can be a bit difficult to do unless you know how to enable the Model and Layout tabs,

Use the drawing tab to switch between Model or layout,

Or just changing the papers / sheets background colour.

So firstly, how can we change the paper / sheet colour?

Like a lot of things in life, it is easy if you know how!

Select the Application icon in the Top left and in the drop-down menu,

Then select the Options button.

The Options menu should open,

Select the Display Tab,

The select Colours in the window elements on the left.

The Drawing Window Color menu should open,

On the Context panel, Select Sheet / layout,

Then on the Interface element, make sure Uniform background is selected.

Then, in Color, use the drop down to select the color you are wish to use, if you don’t like the default colors, you can use Select Color and choose another.

The Preview window color should update to suit your new color,

If you are unhappy with your color changes or wish to reset everything back to default, you can use one of the Restore options.

When you have finished, select Apply & Close.

You will return to the Options menu and your paper / sheet background should update.

Click OK to return to your drawing.

The next option we have is, how do we replace the Model and Layout Tabs?

Again, it is easy if you know how!

Return to the Options Menu, under the Display tab.

Make sure to check the checkbox labelled Display Layout and Model Tabs.

Once checked,

The Model and Layout tabs should be displayed in the bottom left of the screen.

If you click the Model tab,

You are sent to model space and have a nice dark background by default.

Just note that depending on how your sheet is set up,

Don’t draw beyond your safe plotting area or it will not show in your layout when plotting.

Lastly, we can quickly hop between them using the Drawing Tabs.

Hover your cursor over the currently open drawings tab, at the top of your graphics window,

Two windows should display,

The one you are currently in will be highlighted in blue,

The other will be your Model space (Or Layout if you were in Model)

Click the one you wish to jump to and you will be sent to that space.

At the end of the day, just go for the one you are comfortable with.