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I use some less used object snaps in specific instances, often shortening my workflow and making my drafting experience more interesting.

It is not generally a good idea to leave all AutoCAD object snaps running when drawing, instead, I use the following for my general drafting requirements in AutoCAD:


If a specific repetitive task requires it, I change these to suit the task at hand. Furthermore, whenever I want to explicitly state my choice I use to bring up the Object Snap Overrides (sometimes hundreds of times per day).

The first of these I would like to focus on is the “From” snap. Instead of using construction lines to indicate a point, use this snap to indicate a vector measured relative to the point indicated to measure from. Whether one is in Dynamic Input Mode (Relative coordinates by default) or in an Absolute coordinate reference system, one must always use the “@” override to indicate that one is measuring relative to the point. “@14.142<45” indicates a line of length 100 measured 45 degrees from the x axis, and “@10,10” indicates the same vector by way of a coordinate input.

In the AutoCAD picture shown below a little vertical line is to be stretched to 38mm below a horizontal line (indicated by the red arrow). In reality it is not necessary to sketch the magenta line, instead the “From” object snap can be used.

AutoCAD - Useful Snaps 1 of 3

Shift + RMC > From

AutoCAD - Useful Snaps 1 of 3

Shift + RMC > Perpendicular


Select a point perpendicular to the reference line


From this point, stretch to a point that is at a length of 38 at an angle of -90⁰ from the chosen point:


Or at a relative coordinate of (0,-38) from this point


To get the desired result: