Autodesk 2017 – The Value of Educational Software


You currently have unlimited cloud credits to use, if you are enrolled at an educational facility and are eligible to use the educational versions of Autodesk software, .


Consider that a cloud credit has a monetary value of 1 $. To render online a scene of 1.1 Mb costs $1.1, since 1Mb≡1$.   2

This is a 72 DPI image of 35.27 x 30.09 cm.


The high cost of cloud credits may be an obstacle for a person learning how to use a cloud based services:

  • Rendering
  • Structural analysis
  • Energy analysis
  • Clash Detection

Well the solution is simple, learn these scarce and expensive skills while you are a student. Walk into the job market with the skills that allow an employer to take a well-deserved chance on you and the technology. Everybody wins! If you are particularly ingenious and industrious, play with generative programming running iterative analyses on the cloud!

Similarly, if you are an employer and you are looking to cultivate the necessary skills:

  • Investigate the available cloud services and prepare a strategic plan to use these services to further your business interests and client offerings.
  • Enroll some of your employees at an educational institution. Not only will they further their education, but you will establish scarce skills using expensive resources at your company.
  • Let them download and install the educational software.
  • Let them learn the skills necessary to come back to the office and apply their new skills using your cloud credits (you can buy these through Micrographics).
  • Educate your Autodesk account manager so they can assign the relevant cloud credits and necessary permissions.

If you run an educational facility, you should also consider the value that can be added to your facility and courses by making use of these offerings.