Why your Autodesk Account is Useful


As most people are aware one’s Autodesk account allows one to be assigned software by the software administrator of the company. The ability to use subscription services that use cloud credits are also done this way.

Autodesk Account:

Unfortunately this is about as much as many know about their account. They rarely use any of the other great offerings their account gives them access to.

Autodesk has a great portal to explain its services, and anyone who uses Autodesk software within the industry should take the time to browse this site (sign in using your Autodesk account). This portal is the Autodesk Knowledge Network:

As one is often pressed for time, I am particularly partial to the following Autodesk Sites, as they help me to finish my work in the minimum time:

Autodesk Forums

Autodesk Ideas

I recently attended an evening where the point was made that there is often resistance to new technology or change due to the lack of time on behalf of the potential users to get to know the technology. The point was made, and I agree with it, that if only the new technology were to be implemented, there would be more time available to either increase productivity or investigate other time saving technology.

Don’t ignore all this great free stuff Autodesk makes available to us all!