Autodesk LIVE for Revit


LIVE is an interactive platform that is used with Revit. LIVE Editor is a cloud based subscription service that one is able to publish with to Windows or Macintosh. These published files may be viewed by anyone using the free viewer.

Revit -> Live Editor -> Live Viewer

Download and install LIVE Editor: The trial version runs for 30 days and one is granted the opportunity to process 10 jobs. Once subscribed, one may submit unlimited jobs up to 10 concurrently.

Download & Install free LIVE Viewer from the Autodesk App Store:

To submit a job from Revit be sure to be in a 3D view. Everything that is visible will be published. Linked files must be in the same version of Revit that is being published, and must not be stored on the cloud (BIM 360). Click on the Go LIVE icon. Also make sure the detail level is set to fine. The location of the design is mapped to LIVE so that adjusting the date and time indicates illumination correctly.

Add-Ins > LIVE Design > Go LIVE


Some issued are highlighted which can fixed automatically (section box and detail level).


This results in the required format for LIVE.


Save and Go! The job is processed.


Open LIVE.


One is alerted to the fact that there are some new controls to use – like automatically switching on lights at night (see below).


Open the relevant job in the editor.


The controls are intuitive and easy to use.


Navigate between views, orbit and use the arrow keys (and W A S & D) to move around. One is not allowed to walk through walls, but doors open and stairs are climbed automatically.

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are supported.


To see what hardware is required, refer to:

Publish the job to Windows or Mackintosh to view with the LIVE Viewer (the files that are downloaded can be viewed using the LIVE Viewer).


Navigating the model proved more responsive in LIVE Viewer, and one is still able to change the time of day. This is a great way to immerse the client or collaborator in a model.

There is also a workflow between LIVE and Stingray: