Autodesk Revit Model Review (Build: 18.0.0)


Automate the checking (Reviewing) of models against standards. One does not even need to check only one model, but one is allowed to check many at a time.

Add-Ins > Model Review > Manage

This opens up the Revit Autodesk Model Review dialog. Open an existing Model Review Check File (.bcf) or create a new one and save it in the appropriate location. Otherwise a predefined check file may be used as a “template”.

Checks may be added, removed, copied or imported.

The checks have many properties and settings that may be accessed through the tabs on the dialog.

Basic Info:

The name of the check, its category and status can be set here. In addition add some notes to explain the functionality of a check.


Each Check Type has their own details controls. The easiest way to define a check is to “Pick & Choose” an element for which to assign logical a check. Set the details / properties accordingly.


Apply a filter to selectively check elements by property.

Family Filter:

Apply checks to selected families only, and choose whether to check a combination of the current model and loaded families.


Conditions are constraints that would indicate when a check must be performed.

To set up a condition, Click on the Conditions tab in the main menu and choose to Edit.

Add a condition and set the details and filter as required.

Fail Message:

This is the string that gets displayed when the check fails.

Pass Message:

This is the string that gets displayed when the check succeeds.

For further help on Model Review, please consult the online Revit Help article:

You may also contact us at Micrographics to help you set up checks for your particular requirements.