Autodesk Sustainable Building Design Course


Autodesk offers a great online course (for free) that focusses on sustainable building design This is an important course for anyone who would like to design better performing buildings. Although the tools that are leveraged are referenced to the American Level of Detail (LOD) system, the methods are also applicable to designing better with South African conditions and regulations in mind.


Learning these skills are important for client form a cost perspective as well as to the planet to sustain the increasing population and its urbanization.

The course focuses on minimising energy usage through passive design strategies. While it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through renewable energy, it is more efficient and cheaper to generate better designs. How can one use the sun’s direct radiation for heating, air conditioning and lighting?

I am inspired by some of the technologies introduced during this course. Some of them have been incorporated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission which has achieved a Platinum LEED certification. A video showcasing how these technologies come together in a building may be watched here:,-San-Fra.aspx

  • Living Machine: reusing wastewater.


  • Earthquake: post pension concrete cores
  • PV Panels and Wind Turbines


  • Rain Water Collection

The course teaches how to use Autodesk software for design analysis of the building throughout the entire lifecycle of the building. The outline is roughly as follows:

  • Energy Literacy and Building Loads
  • Climate and Weather Analysis


  • Solar Measurements and Strategies


  • Wind and Airflow Strategies


  • Daylighting Strategies and Analysis


  • Whole building Energy Analysis with Revit

Let’s design a better world using Autodesk Software!