Autodesk University


As an instructor, I am constantly amazed at how much information is available to consume, especially regarding Autodesk software. Many designers use one or perhaps two pieces of software to complete their work. Quite often this software is part of a suite that was purchased with subscription benefits. Not only is there unutilized software, but also cloud services that may benefit the user if they knew how to use the functionality.

It is my opinion that software is an enabler, and that one should embrace the changes that are brought to an industry by new technology. Learning how to use the software is only a start, learning how to use a suite to perform certain tasks is another matter.

To this end it will benefit the reader to investigate Autodesk University:


Autodesk University is hosted all around the world, with the main even being held in Las Vegas.






One browsing will allow the user to filter information by industry and topic. So for the Building industry, one can find topics like: 3D Printing, Construction, Architecture, MEP, Building Information Modeling, Reality Capture, Cloud Services and Green Building.

One will find available a number of lectures, dating back several years, of leaders in their fields commenting how they are using software in the modern era, and how the software is about to be used in the future. One is constantly enlightened as to new trends in how Autodesk software is used in combination to achieve certain results. Rendering, Analysis, Programming, Printing etc.


If I were the owner of a company that uses Autodesk software, this is where I would keep an eye out for new avenues or ways in which my investment in software and skills may benefit my company.